An Homage to the Antica Corte Pallavicina Relais

Our trip to Italy was everything I wanted it to be. Relaxing, breathtaking, awe inspiring and earnestly life evolving.  My dear friend Claudia and her husband were also going the week before us and they researched and found this spot in Parma.  When you first pull up to “the Corte” (as it’s affectionately known), it’s disorienting. It’s in a very rustic region and there is simply nothing around. Bo thought we certainly had the wrong spot- it was cold, it was dreary and there were peacocks outside our car door. Once you relax your mind, and breathe deeply, you open your eyes to the single most dreamy, relaxing, good for the soul experience I think you can have in this country. We were only there three days and I left a new woman.

Did I also mention that their restaurant has a Michelin star? So it’s also for my foodie friends out there. The brothers Massimo and Luciano Spigaroli bought the farm where their father was born and turned it into quite the villa. The rustic touches are complimented by superior details- custom shampoos and body products made from their olive oil and wine, heavenly down comforters and giant king sized beds, no tvs, and they cure their own Culatello and Prosciutto in their cellar.  The corte’s restaurant was simply phenomenal and their original restaurant Al Cavallino Bianco is just up the road was the best meal I’ve had in my life. We also took a cooking class and it was life changing.  Following this post will be the recipe for the pasta we made, and below are my amazing pictures. If you’re going to Italy, go out of your way to spend some time here. I’m telling you- it’s the ultimate Italian experience.

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