Hat Attack

The doorman at our ad agency stopped me yesterday and inquired where my hats were at since I hadn’t worn one in months. Today I’m proudly wearing one and thought I should tell you about it.  I love hats. I stare at women on the subway with cool fedoras (they think i’m crazy i’m sure) and I always snap iPhotos of cool girls and their hats when I see them. So I finally bought my first non-summer fedora last winter and it’s rad. This year, I upped the hat game with a larger scale fedora.  It’s a statement maker and made me nervous, until I read about my favorite blogger Garance Dore’s hat moment.  Garance is fabulous in every sense of the word and her trip to the Gucci showroom which yielded said hat moment is priceless. 

So now, I feel like her when I wear my hat, which is from Otte– from new fave boutique. 

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