Cool, Affordable Art

Those are my three favorite words. Who doesn’t love inexpensive art?!? Enhancing your home through art is essential to creating any chic space, yet it can be a bitch to pay for. Since we’ve all heard of Etsy before, here are some other great options and sites I want to introduce you to….

Art River focuses on modern artists only and are wonderful prints of some major modern art players like Twombly, Basquiat, Duchamp, De Kooning and Hirst.

Art Muse – Their tagline is “Live artfully for $25”. Works for me!

Cozamia – Nancy Ramirez’s collection of great prints that are all sold online.

Buy Some Damn Art originals from lesser known/ emerging artists.

Little Paper Planes -an artist run site out of CA: artists promoting artists.

Happy Shopping 🙂


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