2011 through pictures

Life in 2011 was pretty awesome. Going through these photos to organize a proper photo montage, I realized they’re all of my friends and a lot less of husband. Umm…oops. Sorry babe, I do love you and will try to document better that we do actually love spending time together. Anyhoo, enjoy!


Bffs visit and I start to re-mourn that Lucy and Spruill moved away. That just plain stinks.  Plus I got to wear my leather basebal-tee dress from Reiss. So fun.

The beginning of this year was all about one thing: football.  And no, I actually HATE watching football. Seriously, we have two tvs and noise cancelling headphones so I can avoid watching sports. Back to my point…well, the Alzheimer’s Association’s junior committees in several cities has this big Blondes vs. Brunnette’s touch football game. I joined our NYC blondes and had one of the greatest times I’ve had in NYC.  Amazing girls and so lovely to be on a team again.  Man did I miss it.  we also raised over $100k! And before you think this powder puff thing was super girlie……the game wasn’t so much “touch” as it was “shove”, “push”, “hair pull”, “step on”…ya know very girlie actions. 

In March, a little Cinco de Mayo action

Adorable Robbie and Nicole got married

Neely’s engaged!  I just love when my best friends get engaged.

Our Annual trip to Pawleys Island

Skipper came back from Afghanistan!!!!!! Hooray

Kingsley started this adorable thing where he shreds literally ANY paper product he can get his little paws on

Grooving at a concert

Engagement partying for Megan and Mike

our Skittles picture and further proof that we southern gals love color

We got painfully photo bombed in Charleston. 

Had an “arm party”

Kristin and Lucy came to visit!

And then we went to Italy, and I feel deeply in love with everything Italian.

Baby John Cheek was born!!!!

Kingsley looked suave

Jacksonville for Neely’s wedding!!  What a weekend!

We then must have hibernated for two months b/c then I jump to Xmas. I promise to document better. sigh



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