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Ask my poor credit card and husband and they can tell you- I love beauty products.  Husband had to sit me down when we first got married and talk to me about my “duane reading”…aka how I was able to drop so much cash in 20 minutes at a drug store.  I think it all started when I was a kid: a bunch of my friends and I lived in this cute neighborhood that was in walking distance to a CVS.  Pre-driving, (and now a days not so safe) we’d tromp on down to CVS on foot with our babysitting money and splurge on Dr. Pepper lip smackers and it would be the greatest day ever.  Now this has of course become a more serious addiction once Sephora opened.  Anyway, my sissy has urged me to describe beauty things I cannot live without, so here it goes!


Concealer for face: Makeup Forever Full Coverage. This product rocks. Stays place all day and evens out my skin (which seems to be regressing as I age)

Concealer for under my eyes: Chanel’s Highlighter Pen. Perks up my eyes and hides those hideous dark circles that I seemingly got in my early 20’s and can’t get rid of (those nights were totally worth it).

Foundation: My forehead looks like it’s made up of reflective parts of a mirror. It is so shiny in pictures sometimes I think I can make out who took the picture in my forehead’s reflection. Sexy.  You name the brand and I’ve tried it. All shiny after 2 hours max. Finally, I tried Make Up Forever and it has changed my makeup game.

Another foundation option: Chanel’s Long Lasting Luminous Matte Foundation. I wore this at our wedding and it’s events.  I love this foundation- goes on easily and blends into your skin. It’s also matte – making my forehead happy. It’s simply very out of the way for me to replenish this……not on my path home or new work so I’ve switched.  I’d go back though.

Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier– SPF 15

Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Loose Powder:  Again, Make Up Forever’s HD powder. No added color and sets your makeup. No shine on that forehead anymore!

If you like color in your powder I love this powder:


What’s wrong with having five blushes and four bronzers? I say nothing at all.


Nars Orgasm. If you haven’t heard of this blush you’ve been living under a rock. Buy it.

Tarte Cheek Stain. I love the Tickled color.

L’Oreal’s Souffle Blush– love the consistency


Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick. I have used this for 10 years, in bronze. I’m addicted. I used it on my eyes also.

Lorac’s duo:

Physician’s Formula Pearls. Bought this recently on a decompressing jaunt to Duane Reade. Love this Guerlain knock off.


Nars Illuminator. Beautifully natural sheen on your cheek.

Stila’s all over liquid luminizer:

EYES. My favorite thing to buy!


Stila’s Kitten. Best overall eye color. Use this with a touch of eyeliner and you’re good for the day. Prettiest shade ever made I think.

Chanel’s Quadra Eyeshadow. Longest wearing eyeshadow in the game. Worth every cent. Any color combo – all are gorgeous.

Bobbi Brown’s shadow in Caviar. Using an eyeliner brush, I’ll smudge this close to my lash line on top and draw a heavy line.  Use this on top of your Stila kitten for a great night look.

L’Oreal’s Infinite Studio Secrets Shadow in Summer Dusk.

Nars Shadows: I have Mekong (brown with gold flecks) for the creases in my lids. I love it- dark for drama yet not too dark of a brown.


There are only two and you’ll be good to go:

Chanel’s Liquid Pencil– draws a perfect line. Stays on all day and easy to maneuver. Get this in Dark Brown

Make Up Forever’s Aqua Eyes Pencil. Will only come off with makeup remover. I love it!  Any color is great but first start with Black.


Dior Show: The ultimate lash extension mascara

I love drugstore mascara- really the same thing as the expensive stuff to me.

L’oreal Double Extend


I have only used one thing for 15 years: Revlon’s Brow Fantasy (name needs work) but I love that it’s a colored gel on one end and pencil on the other. genius.


Lipstick: I’m on the lipstick train this past year. There is an adorable girl in my agency that always wears bright lipstick and it made me run out and buy it. I feel so grown up when I wear it.

Nars Lipstick in Heat Wave.  Probably the most blogged about shade ever.

Tom Ford Lipstick. I have Flamingo and Cherry Lush (gift cards okay) The price is obnoxious but if you’re in the mall and feeling special- try it on. It’ll be really freaking hard for you not to buy it.

Mabelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Red Revival


There is only one that I wear- Chanel….sounds snotty but I like my gloss a certain consistency, shine and length of wear. This one beat all my tests. My all-time favorite color is discontinued so now I have a few that I mix together. All shades are gorg. My favorite daytime one is Pailettes.

Pencil: Make Up Forever’s Colorless lip pencil that prevents feathering:



Sephora Brand Blush/Bronzer Brush:

Sephora Brand Concealer Brush:

Sephora Brand Powder Brush:

Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Brush

Sephora Brand Eyeshadow Brushes -get one with a flat head for all over shadow, and then another for the crease that’s smaller.


For Daytime, Year Round: Aveeno Oil-Free Clear Complexion Lotion. I have strange skin, especially since I moved passed 30. I break out randomly more now than as a teen. This helps keep it in check. 

For Winter, Nighttime:La Mer.  New York winters beat up my skin until I made the investment in this cream. It’s magic

For Summer, Nighttime: Oil of Olay– 7 in 1 Anti-Aging. Lighter than La Mer for when it’s hot out.

Perricone Hypoallergenic Eye Cream: I have super sensitive eyes.

Best Self Tanner in the world: St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. People always think I just got back from somewhere. I wish… No orange, just a nice healthy glow. Love. Tough on your hands so I recommend their remover cream too.




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