For my momma

I wanted to write a particularly special thank you to my mother for mother’s day this year.  As I contemplate being a mother for the first time, I constantly reflect on my own mom and our life together so far. 

Dear Mom,

Thank you for simply being you. You filled my childhood with wonder, encouraging my creativity, pushing me to try new things and embrace everyone. Thank you for always believing in me and supporting the decisions I’ve had to make along the way.

Thank you for your love of art – filling our house with it, making me honestly love museums and love the study of it. Your passion for design clearly wore off and I love to think about how much we share and how much I am like you since it’s always been my goal.

Thank you for being a woman of conviction and strong faith. You and dad’s raising me with faith ultimately led me to meet my husband at the old age of 12. And speaking of him, thank you for loving him so much. Your bond is so fun to watch grow.

Your passion for adventure and for becoming your own woman led you to have such an incredible career path that I’ve admired my whole life. Leaving the ‘small town south’ for Boston to go out on your own and pave your own path pushed me to come to New York and try my hand at the very same.

Thank you for your rich and lovely southern accent- I’m a richer person for our southern heritage. Not to mention that I feel that I brought “y’all” to each company I’ve worked at in the big apple. Our colorful southern family makes me so proud.

Thank you for your loving heart. You accept others without judgement and taught me to do the same.

You’ve given me a rich and colorful road map to use in raising my own child. This next chapter will be so special for you too and that makes me so excited. Your endless love and support while being pregnant has kept me sane, clothed (!!) and given me real confidence that I can do this.

You’re the best.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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