Life lately according to my iPhone

roses from my honey

It was too bright for Kings while he napped. Now I know why my pillows are always turned over when I get home.

The only snack there is lately

Work baby shower. Amazing!

The Highline.

Boca Grande- beautiful

So this is now set up…….. all getting more real 🙂

Amazing feta, watermelon salad

Artist working with sand and his bare hands. Incredible!

Kings guarding the baby room from his post. Barking at anything he can see move outside

Largest and most heavenly macaroon- from Tartine

New dining room!  Bo installed that light by himself- so proud!

Uppababy is ready to roll

one of the amazing decorations from my baby shower- more pics to come!

And we have curtains. I feel so grown up. Thank you mom!



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