Apartment progress

Major progress in the apartment in the last two weeks- curtains hung (in 1 room but hey), dining room table and chairs, boxes all gone (how long did that take!) and most of the furniture in the baby room.  Just when I want to take a deep breath and not purchase anything for a while, I know that baby gear buying all needs to happen next month, we need to hang two more sets of curtains (harder than usual in our apt), and get some more art for the place.  All in all though, I’m really happy with how it all looks so far. Enjoy!

Our couch and chair and a half from West Elm were the perfect medium shade of gray and I love how comfortable these are now that they’re broken in. We chose Tom Felicia’s fabric from our pillows for the windows and man does it make this room. 

I had one of my photographs of graffiti printed on aluminum and I love the effect.

Instead of side table lamps, I chose to do two floor lamps- allowing us the ability to keep our tiny side tables full of family photos instead (we don’t really have surface space for these otherwise). The coffee table is reclaimed wood on metal base- not the most baby friendly but I’ll figure something out. Love the addition of the snakeskin tray and horn vase.

View from the other end past our new Restoration Hardware dining table. Finally it arrived. If you can wait quite a while for a table and chairs, they’re stuff is incredible but they make each piece after an order is placed so it takes forrrrrreeevvvvvverrrrr.

Bo hardwired the drum light you see and it was quite the experience. I’m so proud of him, but we also advise you to do this during daylight hours. Holding flashlights in your mouth while your pregnant wife attempts to maneuver around you holding cords is just awkward in the dark. 

You can see my button Union Jack Flag by the door. I love that piece but man was that a lot of tiny buttons to work with. To the left are our state prints (etsy of course) – with a heart over the places that are special to us- NY and VA. Next up are NC and SC to add to the group.  The rug is an indoor/outdoor rug – so smart for kids and I’m so glad I did this.

We printed another of my photos on canvas for the bedroom- I love this print and how it pulls out the red-ish orange in the pillow and side tables.

Another beautiful Restoration Hardware piece, but again….we waited a long time. My dad’s painting is leaning now but will hang above the tv soon and you can see two of our pigs (Bo collects piggy banks).

Baby room! We hung my denim American flag in here and  I love it- always thought it would be perfect in a baby room.  The shams from Serena and Lily are lovely. I can’t wait to finally decorate with color this fall when we know the gender. For now I’m enjoying the navy and white though- feels very clean to me.

Our little changing table and to the right will go our glider I still need to pick up from my friend’s apartment.  Baby Southard’s first little stuffed animals sit atop the table now b/c Kingsley thought these were gifts for him and shook them both to death when they sat on the bed.  Ahem…this will be interesting to see how he does.

Kingsley sitting atop what he thinks is “his” bed. Every night after we get home and he goes for a walk, he’ll head back into “his room” and lays on the bed. The more stuff we put in there the more weary he starts to look.

What do you mean, this isn’t my room?!  I’m not moving out.

Happy decorating!



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