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Most of you that follow this little blog know by now- two weeks ago today we had a little baby girl.  Her name is Landon Glover Southard and she has filled this house with so much joy and delight.  When parents said in the past they didn’t know they could love something instantly and so much… I never understood it until now.  My love for her is so huge that honestly it brings tears to my eyes. I know that I’d do anything to protect her, nurture her and keep her happy. 

I had a pretty scary delivery and I’ll save that story for those that really want to know b/c it’s not a fun labor story. The good news is that I’m finally on the mend and baby girl is healthy.  She did spend 6 days in the NICU though where angels are the nurses and we briefly met some incredible parents whose babies have been in there for months on end. Those parents deserve medals- I could barely survive 6 days wheeling down there in my wheelchair.

Landon was born with what they think might be a mild case of Treacher Collins Syndrome.  What I’ve come to understand is just how mild I think her case really is compared to what I find online when I google it (btw….don’t ever google anything they tell you that your child has… it’s traumatic). TCS typically has several physical features associated with it- spanning from malformed ears, low cheekbones and even a cleft palette.  Once she got to the nursery- specialists from ENT, Audiology, Genetics, Speech Therapy, Ophthalmology and Pediatrics came to visit the little bug. This syndrome is RARE.   It does not have any impact on cognitive function or ability.  Thank God.

What we know is that she has little “peanut ears” (they are so cute) – one might have a hearing canal and we know that one does not. We have ENT and Audiology working together and we’ll have a test next Thursday to determine her hearing. So mom will be a wreck.  She’ll most likely have to wear a hearing aid, but when she’s older they can do reconstructive surgery to make her ears.  What’s incredible is how healthy she is otherwise- eating a ton (hello growth spurt) and sleeps pretty well throughout the day and night. She is precious – huge blue eyes and a pouty little mouth.  She may face other surgeries- possibly on her cheek bones and her poor deviated septum.  Those two things we have to face in the future once she’s bigger and we see how things have progressed. 

Little bug is 6 lb 11oz now and is so teeny. She is a long string bean too- not surprising considering the height in our family.  Kingsley loves her too after a few days of adjustment. Man that was a rough first day for him. He now runs to her crib or little chair when she cries, kisses her on the head and feet and lays in my lap whenever I hold her.  Sweet dog.

Alas, our journey with her has just begun in so many ways. What has been a very tough start to life seems to now be worlds away as she continues to get stronger and thrive at home. Bo became the most protective and loving father instantly. He is taking incredible care of me as I’ve been laid up for the past two weeks as well as calming me throughout the day when hormones/fear/speculation consume me. This man who I thought I knew everything about amazes me daily.

So that’s our little story…for now. Check back for updates!



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