Last week we had a break… a nice lovely week with no appointments. It was great but allowed for major anticipation of this week.  This morning we had our Clarke School initial evaluation, tomorrow is ENT and genetics and Thursday is pediatrician to see if baby girl has gained any weight.  

This morning’s evaluation was great actually. A breath of fresh air honestly. The process…is daunting though.  After the paperwork is filed, there’s a meeting with the city downtown, then another evaluation at the school, the waiting starts for the baha hearing aid, then another meeting with the city for approval of services, then…. services begin.  Because I’ve decided to stay on the bright side..this was step one and it felt great to make some progress.

We’re feeling good today though… my little angel will hopefully get her hearing aid in the next two weeks. Hoooo-ray. The rest… will unfold as it may. 

This baby girl has changed my life- I’ve never felt like I’ve had more purpose in my life. Although I love what led me to this point in my life…  championing Landon and working hard for her to have a completely full life is my everything now. I know she’ll lead a great life- full of possibilities- for now my focus is to fill it with sound, help her communicate and hold her little hand as we see what else comes our way with her precious face. I’m not sure what job I’ll hold but if it can somehow, some day be tied to helping other families move through similar adversities… I’m game.  I think this is what I’ve been built for…what I’m made of is to help others.  But first thing first… time to feed the little bug.



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