Giving Thanks

In 6 long weeks, as we’ve begun our journey with Landon and her TCS, I have been touched and moved to tears by the outpouring of love, prayer and support from our friends and family. It’s been the most moving and inspirational outpouring I could have ever imagined.  Thank you.  Thank you for the time you have all spent emailing me and sharing your own stories of adversity, stories of hearing loss in your families or simply to say hello after many years.  I want to write everyone back but it’s taking me some time b/c we’ve received about 200 messages. We’re on the prayer list at about 5 churches, and we are still getting amazing gifts in the mail from folks we’ve never even met.

What has been so special is that the emails and hand written letters have come from every facet of my 32 years.  People from my days of childhood, to middle and high school to college, New York years to people I haven’t actually met yet.  I’m driven to tears (in a good way) each time I read your notes. One amazing friend from college, who I haven’t seen in 10 years, sent me an enormous box of baby clothes that her girls had outgrown.  I literally cried more and more as I pulled out the beautiful pieces as I was so moved by her kindness.  I have always felt blessed to have good friends and support in my life, but now it’s taken on a new chapter. It’s reunited me with friends that I’d lost touch with but now it seems no time has passed. Even when folks don’t know what to say… just saying that and that you’re thinking of us is amazing.  Thank you.  I feel incredibly lucky to have met and known such special people over the course of my life. 

I really do not want to sound preachy but it’s also reunited me with my faith.  Bo and I met at youth group as kids, but that’s not to say we have been the best all our lives at getting to church or thanking God enough for our blessings along the way. Turning to faith is a natural thing when the going gets tough.  For me it was a breakthrough when I was still in the hospital and I hadn’t gotten to see Landon but one time in a drug-induced haze. It had been two whole days and I hadn’t been able to see my baby girl b/c I was stuck in bed and she was down in the NICU. A chaplain checks in on the mothers regularly in my section of recovery b/c our “wing” is where all the NICU moms recover.  This lovely woman came in and I instantly sat up and asked everyone visiting to leave Bo and I with her.  She sat with us and asked us questions like “what did our faith mean to us” and “what did we want to pray for”.  Instantly an outpouring of emotion filled the room. We cried as we answered her that we wanted answers, to hold her, to love her and find peace and for God to give us strength.  This one 30 minute meeting with this stranger was all I needed to within a few hours, get up, walk for the first time on my own and make it downstairs to see Landon to feed her for the first time.  I have no doubt that God was with us in that room.  I’ve never felt his presence so profoundly before.

So this is little old me giving thanks to all of you near and far for your love and compassion as we make our way in this confusing journey. Yeah.. it’s on the internet but it really is heartfelt :).

We love you,



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