One of those days…

We had one of those days around here. After excitingly going to bed early last night for me (11pm), I was then woken up every hour to hour and a half by a throwing up dog, working late husband, and then the crying angel who had baby nightmare and then eventually was hungry, and then the dog puked…. 5 more times. We rushed to Clarke for a quick session early this AM, then hungry again we tried to rush home. No cabs…. none, zip, zero were free on the UES. I barely saw three and then some pulled that crappy move where they’re off duty but ask where you’re going. So here I am with my snap n go stroller folded up leaning into the street with a huge diaper bag slung over me while sweating, and they hear where I want to go and then floor it away from me b/c it’s not on their route.  Mean.  So we took the bus.  Poor bug was hungry and feeding her on the M31 was just not-a-happenin. So we cried, got stared at, got annoying advice from strangers, then dropped half of the diaper bag onto the bus floor.  It was one of those- wanted to crawl under my bus seat- kind of days.

My sparkling and shiny silver lining?  My ladybug smiled at me today.  A real smile.  It was incredible and I think I stopped breathing for a few seconds. Obsessed. 

So this wacky day is over …. or maybe not… someone just woke up for her late night snack.



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