Today was a good day, a full day, but a good day. A LOT of doctors. A lot. They at least came in by discipline so as to not overwhelm us. The wonderful coordinator had been through these clinics since she herself grew up with a cleft palette.  She took her experiences with her and now has implemented this new way of running things. Anyway, we did get some great advice on her feeding… an hour isn’t normal for a bottle :). We got referred to see 3 more specialists soon, then the regular check ins with all of our current specialists. That part felt overwhelming… to me at least. The coolest part of the was meeting the plastic surgeon for the ears and to learn about the three different types of ears she could get. Although it’s surgery, it’s exciting surgery for her.  The worst part? Her weight. She has barely gained 3 ounces in 2 weeks. With it supposed to be an ounce a day, this isn’t good.  Off to get our shots at the pediatrician tomorrow and to spend more time talking about weight and feeding. As soon as we take one step forward, three back.

Anyway, off to do some tummy time which is the same thing to her as nap time.

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