I’m sorry for not writing for a week. I’ve been stuck you see.

We’re waiting on an email containing our genetic testing results AND an email with a report from our craniofacial team detailing little bug’s big plan for surgeries and prognoses.  So every time I open my computer, my iPhone, my iPad, I look for these emails and don’t see them and sink back into the couch. So much lies in these documents- whether we’ll have more children for one (deep breath).  I’ve let this trepidation stand in between responding to emails, returning calls and communicating with more than my 2 month old and my dog during the day.  I started to realize yesterday that I was stuck in the same spot on the couch just waiting on other people.  So last night the bug and I learned some and sang some new songs, read some Beatrix Potter (how bizarre are her stories btw) and she slept on my chest for 2 hours. 

I realize it’s not about those reports. It’s about her. It’s about loving her fully, hugging her constantly, and enjoying my baby girl.  Going back to work is looming and it’s really time to let all this TCS-related crap just rest for a while. 

My beautiful baby girl is off to Virginia in the morning to celebrate Thanksgiving with her Grandma Lulu (my mom of course) and I certainly have a lot to be thankful for.



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