December Celebrations

#1. On her third month bday she really smiled. I’ve secretly been a tad bit stressed about the non smiling. Everyone I know is exclaiming that their babies smiled week 2, and so on and so on. I was so worried it was hearing/treachers/tininess-related but she delighted me with a full on smile yesterday and it was awesome. She does this hilarious thing where she gets so excited and tries to smile with her mouth wide open. In. Love.

#2. She’s teething. Yeah most people wouldn’t celebrate this. I’ve taken to seriously loving the “normal” baby things even if they come with fussiness all the afternoon long. It’s truly wonderful to look something common up on the internet and not be lost in a rare syndrome baby center discussion board.

#3. I can fit my pre-landon jeans.  I look like an entirely different person in them but if they zip, I can celebrate

#4. It’s Christmas time. Seriously the most wonderful time of the year and when people ask me what I want I just stammer “uhhhh.” It’s super cheesy, but I have what I want. I’ve found such peace lately with what Landon faces and I’m genuinely the happiest I’ve ever been.

Enjoy all of your own celebrations!

happy weekend!


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