Happy New Year!!

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”
― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

This post is a day late and a dollar short, but our wifi has been out (oh the horror) and so…. Happy New Year!!!  Thank you readers for being so supportive and kind to me. I love hearing all the time from friends that this little blog helps y’all or comforts y’all in some small way.

I am looking at the start of this new year as a blank slate. Time to wipe clean the little things about myself that I have needed to work on. Time to shift into the person I really am and not let things get me so down. Time to evolve. 

For a start, I’m going to give the old new year’s resolutions a try. I’ve never been one to keep a resolution. I lose interest after a month but Landon has given me new resolve. Babies will do that for you.

Here we go!

1.To let things go. I’m like a dog with a bone when I think I’m right and I have a really hard time letting things roll off my back. I like to think I’ve gotten a wee bit better since the bug’s arrival, but I notice with Bo that I still need to work on this for his sake. The man loves me so much- accepting that love is oddly hard when a person is frustrated or (hello) exhausted. But I can do it. I’m picturing Landon’s face as I type this. Kids make their parents better people all the time and I’m in the thick of realizing this.

2. Love more. Worry less.  All moms want this for themselves and I just think it’ll become my mantra at 4am when the worries attack. My one year promise that I wrote about before is in full gear. I haven’t once worried or cried about a future surgery.  Go me!  I’ve cried for other reasons of course but a lot less. Loving more means everyone in our lives- our family and friends and even strangers that just don’t know better.

3. Be present. One of my first posts about Landon was about being present. I just re-read it and need to probably read it weekly. This is a little bit of a redundancy from #2 but slightly different. Every time she smiles with her whole face (contorts her little face to smile SO big) it makes me laugh outloud.  I want it to always be like that between her and I.  Loving her so big and right now.

4. Be sweet to my hubby. Bo says to me “just be sweet” whenever I’m crabby and I need to actually open my ears and listen. Sounds easy but it’s not (see #1). But no need to let things annoy me so easily. Just love him for all that he is to me and all that he does for us. He is the world’s best dad. For example- the man regularly gets up with her at night and lets me sleep- even last night when the bug was teething and woke up hourly!

5. Now something a little more materialistic. Such a cliché but I’d like to lose some lbs. Pre-prego pants fit but not the same and I’m just plain tired of it. So it’s onto super healthy pre-wedding eating (so sad) to hopefully very soon be able to wear ALL of those clothes of mine.

Happy New Years y’all!



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