We’re off to meet a new Craniofacial team tomorrow. I’m always weary before these big meetings. It’s something like three to four hours and 25-30 doctors. I pray for the strength of just retaining enough information that I remember some the next day.

Landon will be followed by a team- wherever we may live- the rest of her life. So I also pray that’s not too hard for her. To have her face- her eyes, mouth, jaw and ears- always analyzed by a giant group of people. It gives me pause just imaging it. She’s going to be a tough cookie, my daughter. Full of love and imagination and gumption.

My plan is to figure out a way for days like tomorrow to be celebrations of her… not picking apart what to “fix” or change. On that note I ask your help – what would you do to make these days easier? I would love to hear your ideas.

Sweet dreams!



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