I got out of dodge last weekend for a lovely visit with one of my best friends in Charleston. I realize this isn’t huge news but it was my first weekend away from Landon. We talked yesterday in group about allowing the dads time with the kids and therefore giving ourselves a break. I’m not sure why but it’s really hard not to try to control everything when it comes to Landon.

Case in point…. last night’s bedtime. I asked Bo to put her down b/c I wanted to make dinner for him and his mom. I heard him read to her, pjs on and lights low. My heart was full listening to him read her a story. But homegirl hates when you turn of the lights. She cries and cries wrapped tightly in her swaddle. I have some tricks you see to get her to go to sleep since I usually put her to bed. So of course I wander in there 3-4x to see if he wants help. In the end he finally relinquished her since I seemed hellbent on helping. 

I could and should have just let go. Let him put her to bed. He does it differently and it might take longer but…. let go Eloise. Same as this past weekend. I was a little teary and teensie bit worried but letting go and leaving to enjoy myself (and sleep!) was the best thing I’ve done for myself since she was born. It was so healthy to take a nice long 48 hour break from worrying, researching, stressing, and hello…crying.

Coming home to a sweet and loving little bug who was happy as a clam was wonderful. Daddy has got it down and is really a pro with his own style. So this is our lesson mommas…. let daddy do his thing. Go get yourself a manicure, pedicure or both. Time for ourselves is only going to make us better mommas.



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