We tested the bug in the audiology booth this morning without her baha. I’ve wanted to do this for a while actually. I’ve noticed that our “babble conversations” and her reactions to sound detection (it’s a speech thing) are the same with her hearing aid on and off.

And…… momma was right!  The amazing wonder woman of an audiologist at Clarke told me her hearing loss is….. MILD.  Mild!!! That’s the greatest word in the English language.  

Now of course her baha will always remain on.  Duh we want the world to sound perfectly clear.  But this news is huge for us.  

Because it’s in both ears (we suspect), when I take her hearing aid off for things like a bath, I always felt terrible b/c that meant no sound in. When we talk about what to say to your child when you are about to remove their hearing aids at Clarke in group, I feel a little sad b/c all of those babies have hearing in one ear at least.  Our bug is affected bilaterally. 

Thus..the introduction of the word “mild” into our hearing vocabulary was thrilling. Bug CAN hear me.  I knew it!  

Us mommas… we know things.  

sweet dreams!



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