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With a few newly prego friends, I wanted to send them things to register for and realized why not make it a blog entry?! I hope this is helpful! I am not remotely an expert as I’ve only been a momma for 4 months, but these things make our lives easier and her happy!


We didn’t find out the sex so of we got a ton of yellow and green. BUT, I did stock up on some great stuff that would work for either gender that I def recommend.

Wrap shirts…these tend to be mostly made for newborns, but they’re great to pair with Kushies Footed Pants or Cuffed Pants just with a diaper. We loved these long sleeved wrap shirts from Gerber with built-in mitts and these short-sleeved ones by Disney. They’re basic, white cotton and great for those early months.

Pants… We have a million clothes for her now b/c well… she’s a girl, BUT for any baby buy these by Nature Made. LOVE. 

Pajamas… For the first two months, zip up or magnetic pjs were a lifesaver especially in the middle of the night when matching up snaps just killed me. I’ve got some of those too as now they are obviously the majority of our wardrobe. Magnificent Baby has great magnetic options and Hatley makes great zippered pjs.

Baby Mittens…I bought 10 pairs and she wore them maybe one time. So I can give you ours if you ask. Look for shirts instead with built in mittens. And just cut their nails often 🙂.  I would buy some for the winter and I’d buy these in a few colors. Nothing else stays on this child.

Booties & Socks.. Since Landon was such a little peanut we had such trouble getting socks to stay on! We do have a lot from the gap which stay on okay but we used these a lot too- Nature Baby Booties.

Hats…anyone that knows me or is a regular on here knows I LOVE hats. Baby hats with ears just call to me “buy me, buy me” so our hat drawer won’t even close now. All our hats are from Gap and Etsy.  Love this one from the Gap right now. Here are some fave sellers on etsy: Effy Bags, M Roche Crochet, Zella Shop 

Sleeping & Soothing

Everyone has his or her preference about where your newborn should sleep. Some have the baby sleep in their crib immediately, and some use a bassinet in their room for the first few months to make those nighttime feedings a little easier. I put Landon in her crib from the start. I still believe that it’s important for the baby to have his or her space (if your apt or house allows) so that when they do wake up, whomever doesn’t get up with the baby can get some sleep. Bo and I always took turns are night so that we could get some rest.  To each their own though- do what works for you, momma.

We do have the Rock and Play sleeper in our room as a just in case seat for her when it’s 5:30 am and we want another hour and just can’t manage to walk to her room. This thing is incredible. I could do an entire entry on this alone. IF you have a c-section, buy this. It should be given out at the hospital if you have one. You will be on the couch and unable to bend over easily and this is couch height and you can rock them with your hand or foot. Amazing.

Bassinet…We didn’t use one. But these are great I have been told. Graco Pack ‘n Play with mattress and sheet or this Moses Basket from Serena & Lily.

Crib…This choice is really all about the aesthetics and how much you want to spend. We got this one from Babyletto. I LOVE this crib. It’s modern and has a drawer underneath so that you don’t have to get a crib skirt and more storage.

Crib Bedding & Sheets…Most crib sets come with a fitted sheet, crib skirt, bumper, and blanket. I wouldn’t recommend this huge sets since bumpers are highly discouraged and if you do use one, you’ll probably run to the crib all night to make sure the baby isn’t up against it. I have a friend who got the whole set and only used the sheet. There goes $400! Certainly do what you like. We didn’t use a bumper but might need to when she’s older. We only bought sheets b/c of the crib we chose (see above). Love this brand Oliver B since they make safe bumpers and great sheets. Serena and Lily also have gorgeous sheets but they didn’t have our colors. Another great option is Layla Grace. Also,  Summer Infant Ultimate Crib Sheet which makes it super easy to change when leaks occur without having to take the whole sheet off.

Mattress…There are a ton of mattress options, but what’s most important is a firm mattress. We got ours from Pottery Barn– one side is for babies and the other side is for toddlers.

Swaddle Blankets…To me there is only one that you should buy. I bought like 5 different brands, tried them all and this is the easiest, snuggly and comes in cotton and fleece for when it’s cold. Summer Infant- cotton and fleece. For when they are a little older and you want a sleep sack. We have this one from Halo.

Glider…There are some gorgeous gliders out there. I love the Dwell Studio one, but in an effort to save some moolah we bought one from a friend who didn’t need hers anymore. It’s from Pottery Barn and majorly in need of recovering at this point from her reflux.. yuck. I would say if you choose the upholstery, don’t pick white like we did 🙂.

Sound Machine…We have the Aden and Anais Serenity Star and it doubles as a clock, breast-feeding log and night light. LOVE this thing.

Baby Carriers & Slings…I checked out so many but in the end went right for the Baby Bjorn. I love mine. I use it every time we go to Clarke and always when grocery shopping. We got the Miracle Soft Carrier.

Rockers & Swings…I think this Mamaroo Lounger is so cool but we borrowed both of ours from our dear friend. We have the Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing and as I mentioned.. the beloved Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.

Pacifier…we never used them. Landon just wasn’t into it and I didn’t want to force the issue after seeing the amount of dental work my sweet niece needs now. If I was to use them, I’d try Nuk pacifiers as they NICU feeding lady recommended them from an orthodontic perspective.

Playing and Lounging…

Lounging…Landon lounges and also does tummy time in her Boppy

Sitting…Once your baby is old enough to hold his or her head up, the Bumbo Baby Seat is super popular and lets them sit up right with some support.

Activity Gym…We love our Skip Hop Activity Gym and have used it since she was a couple weeks old. It’s not until 6-8 weeks that they really start to be able to interact with the toys, but it’s a great way to get them used to some self-reliant play time where they can discover sights and sounds and practice grabbing objects.

Jumperoo…This Fisher Price Jumperoo is probably the bulkiest and least cute toy of the bunch, but babies love this. I plan to get this soon. Eeeesh. If only someone made one that looked good in our apt 🙂.

Stuffed Animals…We have so many. The best are all her Jellycats and her Bla Bla.  But all of them are precious.


Nursing Pillow…I have both a Boppy which I mentioned earlier. Since I didn’t breastfeed for long, I never really had to do it without one – it made doing it so much easier.

Breast Pump…I got the Freestyle from Medela and it was the bomb. Definitely buy this corset for your pumping as it allows you hands free and it is super comfy.

Bottles…There are a million bottles on the market. Instead of buying a ton of different ones, I’d suggest getting one of a few brands to see which one your baby likes. Landon started in the NICU using a nuk nipple so we kept those and they fit onto the Medela bottles. I never tried anything else since this worked, but we did have to switch to the harder silicone nipples b/c she was so strong she crushed the thinner rubber ones.

Bottle Warmer…Definitely get this one from Munchkin as it has a built in timer making life at 3am much more simple.

Bottle Rack…We love this Lawn Drying Rack by Boon—it’s the bigger version of their original Grass size. I don’t have this Stem, but it seems pretty cute too.

Bibs…Get multi packs of these waterproof bibs from Green Sprout. I also love these Aden+Anais Burpy Bibs.

Sterilizer…This Munchkin Sterilizer has been great and so easy for bottles, pump parts, etc. Just leave it in the microwave for storage. 

Teething…We’re not at the teething stage yet, but we did get Sophie the Giraffe from a few different people so it’s obviously a popular choice among parents. I’ve also heard the Hyland’s teething tablets work. I’ve thought twice that she was teething but she wasn’t. Just grumpy. 

High Chair…Another item we haven’t gotten yet. I love this Bloom high chair for the looks of it and the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

Baby Food…We haven’t started this but I plan to get the Beaba because it steams and purees the food all in one compact machine. 

Pee & Poop…

Pee & poop will soon take over your life. One tip my friend gave me a week before Landon was born was figure out which end you want his/her head to go since shooting poop… is a very real thing. Thank God she told us b/c our first night home with her it happened and if she’d been facing the other way- bye bye white custom curtains and white glider. Yep, I just got real on here.

Changing Table…We went with this combo dresser and changing table from Pottery Barn but I honestly wish I’d gotten a bigger dresser as this girl has a ton of clothes and we need more space.

Diapers & Wipes…I swear by Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers diapers and Pampers Sensitive Wipes. Buy some newborn size diapers. Everyone said not to but of course we had a teeny tiny girl and had to overnight a ton of them.

Diaper Disposable…I love this Diaper Dekor makes it easier to throw them away while keep odors at bay too. Be sure to stock up on refills, too.

Creams…I gag at the smell of most diaper creams (desitin literally made me gag). Thank God my mom remembered that she used and loved Balmex for me and now I love and use it on Landon. When she has really bad diaper rash, I combine it with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.  Babies get yeast infections on their butts (who knew) and my pediatrician tells me to use Lotrimin (yep) on her and it goes away ASAP. 

Bath Time…

For the first few months, newborns don’t need to be bathed every day and can go a few days between baths. Sponge baths are best until the umbilical cord falls out, and then they can be bathed in a baby tub. 

Baby Tub…We use theFisher Price Aquarium Tub and it rocks. It has a hook to hang it up in the bathroom and a little newborn “net” for her since she’s teeny. We got the Puj Tub also. It’s compact, great for small spaces, and Landon loves it. It’s our travel tub as it can be folded up easily.

Hooded Towel…Other than being super cute on a baby, hooded towels make going from bath to changing table so easy and dries off babies in no time. We have a few, but my fave is this 3 Sprouts Organic Hooded Towel , which is big enough to use as she grows.

Bath Toiletries…Mustela makes really nice baby bath products and we’ve found this Newborn Set to come in handy for bath time. Johnson’s my ped said dries out their skin so we stayed away and instead also got Aveeno stuff. For after bath use Aquaphor on them. It heals everything btw… it’s magic

Bath Toys…We’re not at bath toy stage yet {and will update with more suggestions when we are} but Boon makes super fun bath toys that seem interactive, come in great colors, and fun for babies when they can play a bit more in the tub.

First Aid & Other Stuff…

A few things you’ll want to have on hand include: a general care kit like this one Summer Infant Nursery Care Kit, Cuticle Scissors for cutting baby’s nails which make it a bit easier than regular baby nail clippers, Nose Frida Snotsucker which is a bit more accurate than the traditional bulb, Little Fever drops (acetaminophen)  that also works on teething babes) and Vicks Rectal Thermometer.

Humidifier…We have this precious Crane Panda but it doesn’t shoot the air very high so get this if you can put on a shelf or stool.

On the Go…

Stroller…There are a what seems like a million different strollers out there and I loved the Uppa Baby Vista. We’re both tall and I love how lightweight it is, easy to collapse, and less $$ than the Buggaboo. If we lived in the burbs, I’d probably also own a Bob running stroller but no room up here.

Carseat…We got the Graco Snugride and it works great. Not sure there is a bad choice honestly when they are so teeny. I bought the Snap and Go base for our carseat and it’s the best thing I did. We use it constantly b/c we go to Clarke and doctors so much.  If you live in the city, I highly recommend it.

The Diaper Bag… I have to admit something. I hate all diaper bags. I think they are unattractive or if they are cute they are too expensive. I still want to start my own line but who knows when that would every happen. Alas, we have 7AM Enfant but I also love Marc by Marc’s and wish I had gotten one after all.

In it: A travel changing pad {if your diaper bag doesn’t already come with one}, travel wipesVital Baby Hand and Face Wipes for messes, a couple plastic grocery bags for throwing away dirty diapers {no store or restaurant wants to see a dirty diaper in their open trash bins}, an extra change of clothes in case of a bad diaper leak or spit-up, a burp towel or bib, a light swaddle blanket, nursing cover up, hand sanitizer, and a pacifier.

That’s all for now folks. I’m sure I could go on and on about her favorite things and I’ll probably edit this and add to it as we discover new favorite items that get us through our days here at camp Southard.



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