For the love of…

Lately work is stressful. Starting with a new nanny is stressful. I have a pinched nerve in my back, I had strep throat all weekend. Stress-FULL. I feel like my tank is completely empty.

Then, today, I had to make five appointments over the next couple of months: ent, ophthamology, audiology, microtia assessment and planning, pediatrician and most likely sleep apnea.  My stress has found a nice home in my shoulders. Creating mountains of tense muscles. Thank goodness for the back meds I have allowing my muscles to relax and not too much drool :).

I know this is our plan… appointments, appointments, appointments. Tests, follow-ups. I’ve written about it on here ad nauseam. I get frustrated every time I make these appointments though. Every time I put them in my work calendar. Every time I make a call to schedule yet another one.

This frustration will pass, I hope, with time. But it’s so annoying that’s how bug spends her upcoming days. I feel like screaming.

Yes…these doctors are great. Yes….these appointments are necessary. Yes…I’m strong enough to manage it all. But I feel like screaming.

Stress just feels dangerous to me right now. I don’t know how to manage my stress, my work load, playing enough with the bug, managing a nanny, getting dinners always prepared, keeping the apt clean, not to mention losing these last 8 lbs.  Ughh. There it is. Ughhhhh.

Good news is I survived my day. It’s almost over too. We did Clarke, we did audiology at clarke, we played, I worked, we played more. I worked more. I made dinner. I cleaned, I ate healthy. I did situps. I walked the dog. The bug is soundly asleep and happy.  A little stress just left the building.

Time to do what my mother says. Focus on the positives. Get through the day. Do one thing at a time. Remember to laugh and smile at my cute husband. Kiss the ignored puppy.

Oh and drink some wine. Wine helps everything.

Have a good night y’all.



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