“Special” Days

Today is another specialist day. It’s microtia repair day. Microtia is essentially an underdeveloped ear. So we will plan and assess when they will do surgery to give her ears. What type of surgery. What type of ears. When in her life? How many surgeries? Some parents might think this is kind of a cool day… I know Bo does.

I hate these days. I’m not sure I will ever look forward to them or be able to properly articulate why I hate them. The interesting part is that I also hate when people try to cheer me up about them.  It just is what it is.

My perfect dumpling is off to another doctor, another waiting room, another chance to study what’s wrong and what we’ll fix. Yeah yeah yeah… she doesn’t know what’s going on now and she’ll just know it’s part of her routine when she’s older. She might not care.

But for momma….I hate these days.

Bug is sitting in Bo’s lap staring at me with a huge gummy grin. She doesn’t know. She knows that I’ll squeeze her a little too tight when in the waiting room and perform my best “together mom” routine for the lineup of doctors. Then I’ll probably come home and be teary. That’s the routine.

Okay signing off for some work details and actually getting out of my yoga pants and lululemon sweatshirt to put actual clothes on.

Later friends.



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