Sisterhood of mommas

The sisterhood of mommas is something I kinda sorta knew existed. Before we had Landon and I was around y’all, you’d speak in your “momma language.”  One where you talked about little maestro, Sophie, Dr. Sears, the 5 s’s and Baby Einstein. I would nod and smile with y’all without knowing one lick about what was being said. I remember several times thinking “I’ll still speak the same language when I have a baby, won’t I?” It was like when I was in Italy and I pretended to understand a shop woman when she spoke Italian to me b/c I was so proud to look cool enough to be Italian to her.

I would then hear “you’ll understand when you become a momma.” Well y’all… you’re right.  The sisterhood of mommas is the most inclusive group in the world. No matter what your background is, where you’re from, what you believe, the sisterhood accepts you. Mommas love to meet other mommas. We instantly get each other.  You feel connected, accepted and understood maybe for the first time in a while. We commend each other for wearing anything other than yoga pants and cotton t-shirts. A silk shirt? A dress? We’ll hug you and compliment you like you’re going to the Oscars. 

When I had Landon, the love I felt from my friends was inspirational and moving. All of you, including those without kiddos, were patient, understanding and your love was huge.  The sisterhood also rose up with their own love and compassion.  I’ve told y’all before about the amazing friend from college who has three kiddos (an older daughter and then twins!!) who read my first entry about what we were going through and she packed up and shipped off SOOOO many beautiful clothes. She sent me the nice pjs, the smocked and embroidered bubble outfits, the hand knit gown and the gorgeous white with ribbons romper. And more. It was a huuuge box.  Stuart’s gift to me was like a huge welcome sign for the sisterhood of mommas. I hadn’t talked to her in years but she just felt that I needed that box. I did… it healed a little part of me. 

Y’all give advice to any needy mother at all hours of the night on facebook. You call and email when you can tell that a fellow momma needs you. And we become friends instantly with total strangers b/c our kids deeply link us somehow. If you check out at a store with baby food – the cashier with three littles at home smiles knowingly and tells you about the unknown sale on Plum Organic mango pouches. 

And then there are the special mommas. The incredible mommas like Brooke who champions her incredible son and has so much love for mommas like me. There are the mommas I hear from through this blog whose children have TCS or Down Syndrome or something else. When we email I feel like I’ve known all of you for years. My Clarke moms hug and comfort me when I need it; sending emails after a hard group session to say they are thinking about me. I love all of you. I am so proud to be part of our sisterhood.

When you’re younger- high school, college and sometimes in your 20’s- we women are competitive. Sometimes we steal boyfriends, talk about each other or worse. We’re catty.  And it’s sad. The good news with this storyline is that when we’re older and have our littles…. it changes. We have something so much bigger than us to focus on and we find love for each other, especially in the darkest hours. The sisterhood of mommas welcomes us and then we’re a part of each other. It’s awesome.

What’s more is that it’s only been 7 months for me….we have a lifetime together us mommas. Thank you for being there for me. For loving me like you do when I need it most and sending so many amazing emails, texts, gifts of love. Your support, prayers and empathy for us has been life changing.

Landon and I both love y’all back.



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