Our patient

Bug showed me how to be strong today. She got up at 5:30, got to the hospital, into her gown and into the OR with such a sense of peace and calm. When she fussed, it wasn’t serious. Show her a toy… and she was content all over again. So your prayers were definitely felt, friends. Thank you.



The good news… the surgery went well. Her eye is turning in for now and will slowly turn out and normalize. And I actually held it together. There were a few tears after I left her with the doctors. I left my heart with them after all. 




She is currently smiling and kicking her feet. She’s chewing on Sophie. She’s bug again.

The not so fun stuff… her eye is swollen and bloody. It’s runny. Her airway b/c of her Treachers is extremely small so the anesthesiologist had a very hard time with the tube. She’s horse and her breathing sounds labored. They marked her face in permanent marker. Bo thinks it gives her street cred.



She is smiling though. She is laughing at Kinglsey. She’s pulling on her headband and holding her new stuffed giraffe. She has barely cried and either did mom. If bug was going to be that strong, mom would rise to the occasion also.


To some this might sound strange, cliche, but I felt your prayers. When I started to get weak, I was able to steer myself back again.

We’re off to eat an early bird special and go to bed though. Momma is tirrrrrred. Here are some pics of our journey. More later this weekend when my brain starts to function again normally.



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