May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

I wanted to dedicate a post to all of you that have helped us in our hearing and speech journey so far. All of the teachers at Clarke- especially Cassie, Melissa and Kristen, Meredith who runs Clarke, Michelle the audiologist at Clarke and the other Michelle at Cornell. Then there are my momma friends at Clarke…I could go on and on about you ladies. This list of women taught us how to succeed at parenting a child with hearing loss. How to cope, how to learn, how to be patient.  That it’s okay to cry when you need to…. and that I’m not alone. The biggest gift I have been given since Landon’s birth, is y’all. You women have honestly made this journey comfortable, easier and fun. I count down each week until Wednesday when we can trek over to Clarke.  Simply put… I love y’alll.

And during this month… what better time for bug to be fitted for her second baha?! Someone recently said to me “I hope she doesn’t have to get a second one,” thinking it was a negative thing. Think of it this way… it’s like getting a second ear. She’ll hear everything, be able to localize the sound and I truly believe it will help her form her speech sooner. I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet with the loaner, but I know there must be a difference for her. 

The tricky thing is… we need a prescription for the 2nd baha.  So for a week I’ve called her pediatric ENT.  Called three time a day actually. And yes… I’m still waiting for her doctor to call me back.  One person called me back yesterday to ask me “Why?"  What do you mean "why?”!“.. I stammered back to the clinician. "Do you understand what y’all do for a living,” I asked him.  I realized in that moment, no one will ever understand like the people I listed above. Not all doctors even in this community will get it completely. That’s what made me realize just how truly lucky we are to have other advocates for our child. It gives me a confidence to keep hounding this doctor and demand he grants her permission for this second hearing aid.  I can feel those women’s strength behind my voice when I tell the 5th person that answers the phones why we need this script, why I need answers today.

I’m rambling now, but truly I want everyone to know how great these people are. This school is a gift and I wish I could hug Clarke’s founder and tell him the impact his school has had on our lives. And to all our Clarke and Cornell hearing and speech warriors…thank you.



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