Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas I know and love. To all of you who wake up the in the middle of the night to check on your babies for no particular reason. Who kiss boo boos, wipe away tears, hold them all night if their littles are sick, fight with doctors or insurance companies for what’s right and good for them. For all of us who love our kids more than we love anything. For you single mommas who have super human strength for doing all that you do on your own. For grand mommas too for that special grandmotherly love that moves mountains. 

To my own mother.. thank you for being my rock. When you tell me that I can do something…I believe you more than anyone else. Thank you for holding my hand and climbing into my hospital bed when I became a mother myself. When I wasn’t sure where to start or what to do… you made me believe in myself. You shower bug with love and books and clothes and toys that are best for hearing loss. You research and find and buy books that’ll help push me forward in my journey. You’re my core and taught me how to be strong with your own example.  And to my grandmother… I hope to be as amazing as you are at 91. You have given so much to your children and grandchildren. Thank you for my education, my wedding, and for giving and giving to everyone around you to make their lives better. You taught me generosity, southern hospitality and humor.   To my mother in law, you have taught me grace and faith. You love so much and so huge.  All of you women have woven such a tapestry of love and provide such great examples of strong women for Landon. 

So much love in my heart today. Mothers are so special and I feel like my life has just started now that I’ve joined this amazing club.



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