Race for Faces in NYC

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This year, Bo and I are participating in the Race for Faces here in
New York City on July 20th in honor of our daughter Landon.  Landon
was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome- a rare syndrome that affects
the development of bones and other tissues of the face and ears (also
resulting in hearing loss).

We walk to celebrate her and to raise money for other children out
there that are not as fortunate as Landon.  We’ve also chosen this
walk to support the craniofacial practice and foundation associated
with NYU, where we have focused Landon’s care. The majority of these
children, including Landon, will spend their lives in and out of
surgeries and therapies, as well as facing teasing and bullying. We
walk to spread a message of love, acceptance and strength for all of
the families in this very special world we’re proudly a part of.

If you would like to join us on our walk and raise money for our team,
we would LOVE to have you!! If you would like to donate on her behalf,
please also click this link below:


Info on the NFFR:

Sixty-two years and 62,000 faces later, the National Foundation for
Facial Reconstruction continues to support children and adults with
facial difference by supporting the cutting-edge, personalized,
multidisciplinary medical, social and emotional team care at the
Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in NYU Langone Medical
Center. Through this support and the donated time of our team of
doctors, this allows 2,000 patients with every facial condition, 70%
of whom live at or below the poverty level and 95% in care that spans
an entire childhood, to pursue their goals, and integrate into old and
new communities with self-confidence, a positive self-image and

Much love,
Eloise and Bo

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