You know that moment….

You know that moment when you’re in an elevator and you start talking to your dog? Things like.. “Kingsley, are you excited to go outside?” And… “look sissy is coming with us!” And “we’ll get you some food buddy, sorry I didn’t feed you today.” Then you shift to the baby “Landon- here’s your tugboat to chew on.” And “Momma is so proud of you for not throwing up today.”  And “Bug, look Kings is down there!”

Then you slowly look up.

And you see the very young, attractive, slightly fratty guy in his 20’s just staring at you. Like you are an alien. From a verrrrry distant planet.

And you realize….. you’re THAT old crazy mom person now. That completely unaware of her surroundings, talking to things that don’t talk back person. THAT mom that you see getting made fun of on one of those comedies on NBC or SATC, and you too used to laugh at her.  

I’m THAT woman now.  

You don’t know that moment? That doesn’t happen to you too? 


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