Thank You!

From the bottom of our hearts… thank you.  Thank you for donating to our team, for caring, for loving us, for supporting us.  I just opened our team page and 74 people have donated.  This blows my mind.  It made me cry.

Friends that love us, love our parents, love our friends and some haven’t even met us have reached out.   Y’all are incredible and I am so very touched.

When I think about the struggles Landon will face, the possible teasing, the fear of surgeries, and the awareness she’ll have about her differences… I will now focus on the amount of love shown by y’all.  I will think of the support and strength in numbers we have of people raising her up. I’ll remember your kindness.

I don’t have everyone’s emails… so I’m posting this here in the hopes that all of you see this note.

We love y’all. And don’t worry… I’ll be instagramming our day tomorrow…. #loveforlandon

Thank you.

Eloise, Bo, Landon and Kingsley

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