Ready… Set… Go

For as long as I can remember, Bo and I have made plans. For businesses we’d start, cars we’d drive, things we’d do… IF… we ever left Manhattan. Our friends, however, stopped believing us long ago because we’d talk endlessly about it and then nothing would happen.”We’re moving to Charlotte” became “We’re moving to DC” which then became “We’re moving somewhere but we don’t know where to go yet.” We had a cupcake business, clothing company, diaper bag company and then… nothing. Plans evaporated. Dreams a bit dashed. The phrase “we’re staying one more year” has been used for five.

One night at Mexican Radio, we had one of those life changing dates. We talked really openly and deeply about our dreams. We were coming out of one of those funks only new parents understand. We needed strong margaritas badly and a chance to talk to each other about something other than diapers and tummy time. ‘What do you really want?” was posed between us. And there… we decided. Get the hell out of doge and move south. Now. Pick a date this fall and leave. Move back to our roots. Raise our baby girl amidst palm trees, boats, sweet tea, southern accents and family.

So… we are actually moving… to Charleston (by way of Pawleys Island). We are building a place in Mt. Pleasant. Building our little dream home. Holy moly. It’s all really happening this time.

We’re packing up our Columbus Circle apartment and jetting out of here the last week of October. If you know how long I’ve waited for this day you’ll understand the level of CELEBRATION going on in my heart. It’s just singing with possibilities, the promise of green grass, space, peace, current best friends and future ones.

Just as I’ve reached my New Yorker status with 10 years under my belt, it’s time. It’s SO time. My body and soul has craved another kind of life for a few years. Having Landon meant the BEST doctors, the BEST therapy of course. So we stayed. We waved goodbye to our families heading back south and trudged on through the subways and crazy streets and made it work. Until it just didn’t anymore. There will be rough moments when I doubt the choice for Landon’s therapy. I know though… this is right. It’ll be good for our family. Good for our marriage. So it’ll of course be good for bug.

My worn down self and my worn down shoes need this as well. I feel rejuvenated by nature and all that comes with it. Landon deserves fields and a yard and a slower way of life. I want to coach lacrosse again. I want to be outside and not competing in the running lane with 10 million rude and crazy runners and bikers. Yes… it’s time.

Alas, New York… I do love you. I love you friends, I love you Heartbeat. I love you Clarke School. I love everything this city has given me. I appreciate the heartbreaks, the old apartments, the stories, the shoes and the blisters, the fashion education, the late late late nights, more stories and the sisters it’s given me. My sweet girl was born here. Bo and I’s love story started here. Kingsley dominated Central Park here. The memories are so big and hilarious and tearful. It’s been one gigantic emotional roller coaster.

With our new chapter laid out before us, I am beginning to really reflect on my life here. This goodbye is going to be a rocky one.

Love to y’all tonight.



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