Some days

Some days when kids ask “what is wrong with her” and parents step back and act awkwardly and don’t look me in the eye…..  Some days when parents give me pity looks…  Some days when kids point…

I want to scream. Shake the kids. Slap the moms.

I should want to use my knowledge to educate. I feel that I have some higher education from the vantage point this year has granted me. I have so much to offer others that might actually stick with one of these mothers. I could impact these families and give them a gift. Teach kind by being kind. I should pay it forward by telling them those are hearing aids, like your mom wears glasses……………. that same old line.

But yesterday I didn’t want to. I wanted to yell “what are you looking at, kid?! She’s cuter than YOU are."  Yup…

So anyway, I didn’t. I moved on and stored it up.  But as I was leaving this encounter, bug and I walked hand in hand down a hallway. I heard a cleaning woman call out "look at that sassy girl go. I want to hang out with her!”

That woman was a gift from the world to remind me… there might be many others that point and stare. That move away from us.  But it’ll be their loss. 

Their loss indeed.






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