Surviving the specialist’s office

I thought I’d put together a survival packing list for any of you who are just starting out with specialists for your kiddos. We’ve been going to specialists since the day after bug was born. I used to have all this crap crammed into her diaper bag plus 15 other things and I’ve slowly widdled the must-haves down to these crucial items. Hopefully y’all have offices where you don’t have to wait, OR some that actually have toys for kids. But… I have now been to so many without so much as a kid’s corner that I thought I’d let you know what we bring and what works for us.

Hope this helps!

–       Larabars. Landon and I both love Larabars. They are naturally sweetened with only about 5 ingredients. I stash 2-3 b/c she always eats a whole one herself. 

–       Pouches. Thank God for these, right?!

–       Lovey. Keeps her calm when she starts to lose it. 

–       Her “Quiet Book”. This amazing soft book has so many great activities piled into it. As much as I love a good DIY, I opted to buy a pre-made one and I’m thankful we bring this thing with us everywhere. So many great speech ideas in it too- choo choo for the train; pull and push, b-b-b balloons, ETC

–       Bubbles. We are crazy bubble fans ever since they were introduced in speech therapy for p-p-p-p pop the bubbles. Jelly Belly makes great scented ones that actually make a popping sound. You can call me a bubble snob.. it’s cool. 

–       Hearing aid batteries. Obviously just for us mommas of kiddos that wear them. I have a problem remembering them so I stashed a small ziploc of some in my tiny makeup bag. 

–       Water bottle and sippy cup twist on top. Genius intention. 

–       Coconut butter or almond butter packets. In case you get famished and you need just something until actual food… and the kiddos love them too.  Bring an apple and you’re good on snacks for a bit. 

–       Extra tshirt. The girl is messy. From birth, always had a white onesie in my bag for just in case moments. 

–       Diaper and wipes… duhI forget these too often. 

I swear I can get this closed!

Hope this is helpful!


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