Bright moments…

There was a bright spot in our wild and crazy day.. this morning bug truly tried to talk. She imitated and occasionally said a word back to our fabulous therapist Sarah. It was the closest anyone has gotten to getting this girl to chat it up. She babbles all day long, sure, but actual language has escaped us so far.

I woke up this morning with yet another head cold or flu. As I texted one of my closest college friends, tears filled my eyes as I described how I’m feeling these days with everything going on.  Then.. as therapy started… Landon started simply shining. She smiled as she stammered “onion, anana (banana), nnn (in), and "i wan(t) it” as we placed plastic fruit into a bowl.  Sarah and I both had chills as we silently high fived one another. A breakthrough.

I am not an outwardly religious person. I’m pretty private when it comes to my faith. This morning though, while gathering these collected moments of brightness, it was so clear that all of you praying for us were changing things. These prayers sent out there into the void were heard. 

There are bright moments hidden amongst these long days when we’re so dog’on tired. We just have to look for them. They are placed there to give us more hope and strength to emotionally show up for the tough times. To face our fears when we cannot imagine mustering the strength. No matter what you are struggling with… don’t forget to look for these moments. Don’t forget to have faith.



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