Fashion Friday!

A day late… forgot to hit “post”! Oops! XOXO

Outfit One: Romper- Elephantito (found on ebay!!), Shoes- Robeez (last year), Baha- Cochlear, Necklace- The Dollar Tree 🙂

Outfit Two: Top- DVF for Gap former romper that I cut to be a t-shirt., Leggings- Little Four Clothing on etsy, Shoes- Converse, Baha- Cochlear

Outfit Three: Tunic Top- Used to be a dress when she was 9 months- Gap, Leggings- The Little Spoons on etsy, Shoes- Salt Water, Bahas- Cochlear

Outfit Four: Genuine Kids for Target (!!), Shoes- Saltwater, Bahas- Cochlear

Love y’all!!



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