Stress is the new black

Life has gotten a bit more complicated around these parts. Really, you may ask. Again? Well, for privacy reasons I won’t actually go into the details. Although I share my life on here… not all of my family members signed on to bare their souls. So.. let’s just stick with the fact that I’m sleeping less, edgier than usual and there is a nice top layer of anxiety. Fun, right?  

As we process these type of emotions, I always come back to the yoga mantra of breathing. The importance of our breath escapes me when I’m not actually at a yoga class. No one is reminding me to breath into what hurts or feels tight.  This morning, however, I opened one of my favorite books and found a piece of paper I must have tucked inside years ago. My old therapist from New York was actually a trauma specialist. I always found this interesting since I hadn’t chosen her for this specialty. I learned that it was a gift since some of my emotional struggles could be viewed as traumas after all.  She handed me “homework” after one session and I kept it for days such as these.  I thought I’d share in the hopes that some of you may benefit.  It may seem a little far out there. I’m telling you though…. it really works, my friends. 

A Variation on the Emotional Freedom Techniques

1. Breathe slowly and deeply into the diaphragm

2. Place your finger on the lower forehead, above and between the eyebrows

3. Focus on the negative emotion, negative belief, or the trauma you wish to release while continuing to breathe

4. Allow scenes, images, or memories which represent the negative emotion, trauma or negative belief to come into the forefront of your mind. It might be one scene or a series of scenes. They might be in the distant past, or they may be more recent

5. Notice what emotions the scenes or memories make you feel. Identify the emotions

6. Notice where you feel the emotions in your body and focus your attention and breath there

7. Then, move your finger onto the inside edge of the eyebrow and say “I now release all fear related to this problem. Breathe slowly and deeply

8. Next, place your fingers on the outside edge of the eye and say "I now release all anger related to this problem. Breahte slowly and deeply

9. Next place your fingers under the eye and say "I now release all anxiety related to this problem. Breathe slowly and deeply. 

10. Place fingers under the nose and say "I now release all shame and embarrassment related to this problem”. Breathe slowly and deeply. 

11. Place fingers under the bottom lip and say “I now release all guilt related to this problem”. Breathe slowly and deeply

12. Place hands under the rib cage and say “I now release all hurt and sadness related to this problem. Breathe slowly and deeply.

13. Place fingers on chest cavity, 2 inches above bottom of the rib cage, and breathe love into the heart through the nose and exhale fear through the mouth

Place fingers  on and below the collarbone and take slow deep breaths. 

Repeat until your level of disturbance is a 0. 

Sending you love and peace…



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