Mignonne Gavigan Giveaway… Landon-style

Holy moly! One of the most talented jewelry designers is having a giveaway, y’all!  I have long loved Mignonne Gavigan’s designs since she was the head designer for Roarke & now that she’s designing for her own namesake … I’m more than excited to show her support.  To enter this contest (although Landon and I want to win it ourselves) please see my Instagram image below and repost this image and tag #mignonnegavigan on Instagram.


Although, I’ve already entered this giveaway via Instagram & Pinterest… Landon wanted to throw her own hat in the ring.  So, bug and I had a little craft morning here to recreate a kid-friendly version of the Kinsey necklace that’s featured in the giveaway. 

I’m pretty sure this little lady, who chooses her own necklaces every morning to put on, would challenge her momma to a “Who wore it better” contest and she’d of course win.





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