Closing one chapter…

Last week we closed a very large chapter of our lives, although it only spanned a single year. In many ways we restarted our lives after leaving New York. Nestled in a quite beach town, we resurrected so much of ourselves.  As I’ve mentioned many times on here, I left New York a little broken and bruised. After one year with Bo’s parents, running along the shore and watching my bug thrive, I feel like myself again. We feel like ourselves again as a couple. And Landon… is amazing.  

I know that had we moved straight here, we wouldn’t quite be as great as we are after that year. We needed the peace. We needed the quiet. We needed that time to rediscover how much we loved each other and how much family means to us.

There is also such healing power in water. In living in a place where family, health, and being outdoors are paramount. In feeling supported by new friends as if we’d known each other all our lives. Our move away from Pawleys is bittersweet, but it is intended to feed all three of us with what we need long term. The doctors Landon needs. The bustle and culture that Bo and I crave. The therapy options and schools in Landon’s future.  It’s the right place. But Pawleys will have a big piece of my heart.

So for now, before I start to share stories and images of our new life and digs, enjoy these photos from our last night spent amongst the sunset and waves. 



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