Landon and I spent the morning at the Aquarium. She ran from tank to tank squeeling as the fish swam passed. I marveled at what that first sight must be like for her as she pressed her whole face against the glass of the large tank. We slowly meandered through the areas and patiently listened to the visiting symphony play on the main floor. It was one of those rare magical mornings.

As we left, her little hand nestled in mine, we slowly approached a family blocking the stairwell to our car. I noticed a teenage girl standing in front of the stairs and saw her mother carrying a baby carefully down.

The girl was trying to speak to us as we approached. She looked passed us, down at the floor but I could see something in her face, her eyes. Slowly and repeatedly she tried to tell us something. I smiled- reassuring her mother that whatever issue or possible syndrome her daughter had… I was a knowing and friendly mom.

After a few minutes the girl leaned in and said “your baby is so, so, so pretty.” “Her, her eyes, are different. Something very different with her face. She’s different.”

Her mom shifted with very nervous body language. As she tried to pull the girl closer to leave with her, I moved closer to them and beamed. “Thank you,” I said, “she is different and I think that’s what makes her incredibly special, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes” the girl replied.

It was short, it was simple, but it was a beautiful moment.

Happy weekend friends.



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