Dear Landon,

Today, you are three. Three whole years old. This past year has flown by. I remember your second birthday like it was yesterday and marveling then at the little girl you’d suddenly become. And now… you seem grown up. Too grown up for my liking. You are tall, beautiful, unique, silly. stubborn, funny, loving, and have the world’s best laugh. 

This past year, you’ve started two different schools, learned how to ride a tricycle, developed an intense love of trains, discovered their cousins trucks and cars, learned the alphabet, how to count to thirty, and fostered a love of dancing with your entire body including your toes. Your lamb Lenny still gets top billing in the bed, but Thomas the train isn’t far behind. You like to sleep on top of all of your (very hard, plastic) trains and anything with wheels. 

Your girlish, tomboy personality makes me so very happy as does your new found love of carrying around my lacrosse sticks. I hope with everything I have that you remain as unique and different as you are today. May you continue your love of building things, studying how they are built and using your princess castle for a parking garage. May you always ask for a hug when you are upset or nervous that you’re in trouble. May you always be fascinated with animals, dinosaurs, bugs, and lizards… even if I can barely stomach reading about them. 

May you always have this particularly bright and beautiful spirit. You are changing the world Landon. Everyone that knows you, loves you and knows you will do great things. 

You are brave and have taught me how to really live. You are my light. You are my joy. 

I love you, sweet girl. Always. 

“I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart.”



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