A picture says a thousand words…

This picture probably does say a thousand words. This picture is one of the most important photos I’ll also probably take and share with you. This picture is of a family, plain and simple. But it’s not that plain and it’s not that simple. This is a photo of us six months into divorcing. But this photo wasn’t hard to take. And it wasn’t hard to post.

That is because it’s all about HER. 

Just saying that “you’ll put the kids first,” isn’t enough. You have to practice that sentiment. You have to live it out loud, and then you have to remind yourself of it even on the days it feels impossible. Yesterday, though, it wasn’t hard. Yesterday was her birthday. And on her birthday I want her to deeply feel that her parents love her more than anything.  It’s about making sure she sees us sitting at a table, enjoying a meal, all together. STILL. 

There will always be two homes. She will always have two rooms. But she will always have two parents who will work as hard as possible to show her love has many forms. If we can take this photo now, at this juncture, I feel she will see that love doesn’t stop when divorce happens. It opens windows to a new kind of relationship. One where she continues to be the focus, because as I continue to tell you… she is the light. 

This picture does not say we have it all figured out. Hardly. We are parents and we have been through this very hard thing while raising a toddler. But… I’m proud of this photo. I’m proud of myself, frankly. I want to show Landon that women are built of really strong stuff. We can be survivors of disappointment, sadness and pain. We can and will get ourselves up off the mat and treasure the things and people that make us smile again. We can also see the best in others… even our former spouses. 

This picture is also for Landon when she’s older. I want her to see the genuine smiles on all three of our faces and know… that joy in our faces exists because of our love for her. Joy from all that we’ve shared with her, all that she’s given us. I want her to know that although it may feel like everything has changed, THE most important thing of all… our love and intense support of her will never waiver. 


Happy Sunday, friends.



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