An update…

Sorry for the delay in writing. I sent out this sort of battle cry for parents to raise their voices and join me, then fell silent. 

Simply put, I’m kind of sad lately. Down, maybe a little depressed. There are joyous  things in my life, true. But there still lie wounds I’ve not properly addressed. And more than ever I’m realizing  I need to look them square in the eye instead of mask them. It’s time to own that which has made me feel weak for such a long time. 

I’m feeling this all very deeply today, maybe also yesterday and this weekend. True, I’m sensitive yet this feels  more like a reaction to the traumas from this year, and my desire for healing can’t will it into existence. Also, I am in dire need of therapy. Someone whose job it is to listen. It’s lonely feeling this way and tiresome to feel like a burden to others. Like I’ve said before… my body and mind send pretty clear messages when more help is needed.

So before I can charge forward with some cohesive vision for empowering us “different parents,” I think I need to circle back on my own heart and mind. 

I’ll be back soon. 
Thank for the love,


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