Baha 5s!

Landon received her upgraded Bahas this week and now she has two Baha 5s! What’s amazing about this is that when these first came out, an audiologist here in Charleston told me “you don’t want those for her, they’re not for kids.” This is not only not true, but scary and sad that this misinformation flows so easily to parents. We are vulnerable and need help with all of the details of hearing aids and syndromes ETC! What if I wasn’t better informed? What if I didn’t volunteer for Cochlear and already have my own research? What if I wanted to trust a doctor?

I immediately knew that was far from true, we found a way to upgrade (thank oh Michelle and Ceara) and switched doctors. The point of this is to remind all of you that doctors don’t always know best- especially when it comes to hearing aids for children and newer technology. Trust yourself, keep advancing their technology, keep asking questions, keep advocating. You got this parents! 


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