Dear Landon,

Today… you are FOUR. F-O-U-R! As I sit here writing this tonight, nestled against Elsa paper bags and tissue paper, I still cannot believe how quickly you have become a little lady. Earlier tonight as you sat eating your dinner across from me, dressed in your blue party dress, you smiled with delight and full of true joy and love. Nothing in the world has made me happier.  Darling, I am so proud to be your mother.

In this last year, you started a new school without an ounce of fear. You have embraced and loved your little friends and your teachers with an open heart. You also ask to go to each of their houses almost every day. Don’t worry I decided not to take it personally.

This year you started saying things like “cool dude”, “that’s just adorable” about clothing, “wah, wuh” when mommy drops something, “be careful mommy” like all the time, and “hi, I’m Elsa Landon would you like to see my Elsa braid?” You currently love all things Frozen and are currently asleep on two Anna dolls and an Elsa.  You also love Cars, Neemo, anything with wheels, your floatie, Star Wars but mainly C3PO and R2D2, and Lenny (the buddy) still has top billing at bedtime.

Your music makes me wildly proud with your playlist consisting of Rogue Wave, The National, Portugal the Man, Nathaniel Rateliff, Cold War Kids, Peter Bjorn & John, St. Lucia, The Decemberists, and The Beatles. Every song is appropriately named after one of your favorite characters like the Sally and Lucy song, the Neemo and Dorie  song, the robot song, and so on… which is just crazy awesome.

Lately you’ve tried the following new things: tomatoes, riding a scooter, ice skating, blueberries, hummus, donuts, (hmm… mainly food) and I’m excited to see what you’ll try tomorrow.

You are funny, you are sweet, you are loving and genuinely kind. You’ve made me the person I am and I’m so thankful.

I love you.





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  1. Just reading about Landon makes me feel like a better person. She, and you my dear, are an inspiration to us all!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! I hope the year ahead brings you much joy, laughter and lots of learning new things!!

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