Coming Soon- This is Treacher Collins Syndrome: real stories of Wonder

Beginning this month, I’ll be featuring a story about a family with a child with Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) every month leading up to the movie Wonder’s release this November.

I’d like nothing more than for our tribe, and these wonderful families’ tribes to expand leading up to this movie. I want as many members of the audiences of this film to know more about the real Wonder families, who we are, who these children are, and carry those stories and faces with them as they see this movie. I have no doubt the movie is incredibly well done, and I do trust that it will represent an amalgamation of our real stories. This story is fiction, however, the characters are deeply relatable versions of all of us. Therefore, you need to know the real families.  So stay tuned, I can’t wait to introduce y’all!

Now grab some kleenexes and enjoy the Wonder trailer here…



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One thought on “Coming Soon- This is Treacher Collins Syndrome: real stories of Wonder

  1. First of all, thank you for your candor and educating your readers. Your family’s story is teaches all of us patience, love, the importance of research, education, advocacy and listening. You share your world as it is and we love it and respect what you give. I am appalled that someone exploited your daughter and family. No words. And, from this, you teach us yet another life lesson. We are grateful.

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