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The above statement now rests atop my blog. Most of you would probably never even notice it, or would possibly never wonder why it has suddenly appeared. But something happened recently which calls for it to be stated, and privacy and disclaimer language to be created.

Recently, images of my daughter and her story have been used inappropriately and publicly, in our hometown and within in a classroom setting no less. The person, feigning a relationship with me, spoke as if she had prior authorization to do so. She used Landon’s photo, her name, her hearing loss information, and violated her privacy as well as her parents’ privacy (not to mention HIPAA). To make matters worse, but is a distinctly separate issue, the same person later in a smaller setting pretended she knew things about me and our blended family. Did I mention she works at Landon’s school? Don’t worry, I’m handling it…

Listen, I write publicly about Landon and I am acutely aware of how much I share. BUT…. it is still my content. It is our daughter and it is our right to approve or deny the use of this content, images and all.

I have used this unpleasant experience to further educate myself on what I need to do to protect myself, Landon and what’s written here.  I now have that statement and will house the following information on the blog as well. To make it more widely known,  I am also posting it in the bottom of this post.

Basically, you don’t have to read the below disclaimer or privacy statements. You can simply choose to respect me and my entire family- which absolutely includes Landon’s father and Anna’s mother.

Blog Disclaimer:

This is a personal blog. All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of anyone else. I am responsible for the content – not anyone else.

Changing my Mind: 
Over time my thoughts and opinions may change. Posts are intended to give insight into my life at the time the post is written, but not necessarily forever. Current posts may express different opinions than earlier posts.

Accuracy of information:
The information in this blog is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights. I’ll do my best to make sure all of the information, including links, are accurate at the time of posting but there’s no guarantee that information posted today will still be valid or accurate in the future.

Since most everything in the blog comes from my brain, and the photos belong to me unless otherwise noted, the content of this blog in its entirety belongs to me. If you would like to re-post something I’ve written, I ask that you link to this blog and give me credit for my content. If you want to use the photos, content or information provided here in any other format, you must get my explicit permission to do so.

Personal Offense:
I promise to try my best not to knowingly injure, defame, or libel anyone.

Feel free to express your opinions in the comments section, but understand that I have approval on what comments are posted and what is not posted.



(Photo is by Good Graces Photography.)

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