Dearest Landon,

I’m so sorry this letter is late sweet girl. I have written your birthday letter to you at the close of each birthday for five years now. This year, mommy got super sick, then we had to deal with lice in our house AND evacuate because of a hurricane all in the last week. As usual, we celebrated BIG so I didn’t think you would mind if mommy was late with this funny letter I give you.

This has been a special year for you. In this last year, you have truly rooted yourself into being a sister. There is no “step” about it either, you are truly a 100% committed, adoring little sister. Your fierce love for her is beautiful, mimicking most of Anna’s unique moves and literally following her footsteps around this world. Yet you’ve started to find your own voice especially if related to toys. Speaking of finding your own voice, you really have found your own confident voice this year. I learn from you all the time sweetheart, and when you stood up for yourself to those mean boys, I was in awe. I’m always proud of you and this day was extra inspirational.

As if transfixed by sparkly rainbow magic, you have fallen deeply in love this year with all things unicorn, horse and pony… My Little Pony to be exact. You are all things rainbow, glitter, unicorn, Equestria Girls and My Little Pony. You are currently toggling between Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle as your fave but your dedication to characters each year continues to impress even me.

Your ability to crack me up never ceases to amaze me as well. You have said things like “whoa that blew my mind” and “I’m thinking on something” recently. I need to start writing them all down as you crack me up daily.  As for other new things you’re trying out… you finally acquiesced and have joined us in liking tomatoes, hummus, ice cream, chocolate, granola and more. You are daring and I love how brave you have become in all aspects of your life.

You’ve taught me how to be brave since day one. In having you six years ago, I was reborn as well. I believe I had this in me all along, but in becoming your mother I’m able to see more clearly what matters, how I want to spend my waking hours, how much of that time I want to rededicate to be with you and experience life through your eyes. You’ve taught me the healing power of love and that in showing your dad love as co-parents, we are all happier and healthier people. Loving you is the easiest thing I’ve ever done and in loving you it shapes our unique blended family. In loving you, I found out what happiness truly is. You are love.

As always, I carry your heart… I carry it in my heart.



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