This week

A week of her not sleeping. Of mouth “breathing” which sounds like she’s pulling air through one of those skinny twisty straws. A week of her dad and I taking turns, at our respective homes, half sleeping next to her, texting each other through our fear. A week of propping her up, humidifiers, Afrin, homeopathic chest salve. A week of her falling asleep at school mid-day because she’s exhausted. Finally we are heading to the ENT- and our friend luckily. Tonsils or adenoids or jaw distraction or all three to be discussed today… again. I slept next to her last night for a stretch and cried the entire time. I hate that it’s just so hard for her sometimes and I can’t fix it. Her struggle is felt in every bone in my body. Okay, time to regroup…more later after Doctor Clemmons ❤️ #landonglover #sheisawonder #tcs

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