Dearest Landon,

This morning, seven years ago, I met you for the very first time. Bewildered by the incredible experience of bringing a baby into the world, they rolled you into my room, pink hat and all, and I got to hold your tiny body against mine. Seven magical years ago, you began your journey around the sun. You have been full of light, joy, humor, and kindness from that day. I marvel at how you love others, with fierce hugs, the sweetest nuzzling of your momma’s big belly, hilarious jokes, amazing new dance moves, and deep love of your adorable friends and devoted family.

You prefer to be outside, climbing anything, scooting or tearing the brakes on your bike. You are infinitely wise and amaze me with what you know at seven years young. It’s no wonder you have found a love of Supergirl as of late. See, you are Supergirl to me in every way. Standing up for your friends, rushing to help or care for your sister when she needs it, feeling for others in such a huge way, and always being so very brave… you are super and so full of love. I am so grateful to be your mother, so proud of you every day and I love you fiercely.

My darling bug, happiest birthday.



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