My body, baby

Such a terrifying post for me, but here I am. 5 weeks postpartum. 5 weeks post two complicate surgeries. This body has held 2 babies and 6 pregnancies.

This body has nurtured life after so much loss. It has played lacrosse for 20+ years, lifted weights, contorted into crazy yoga poses, played flag football through New York, and tip toed at the barre. This body even did @barre3 15 hours before I gave birth.

This body has hugged the dearest of friends, wiped countless tiny, runny noses, seen sunrises over NYC, hiked mountains in Peru, and loved the hell out of my wild family.

This body has carried me through darker times, out of situational depression and to this place here- to the happiest of my days.

For all of this I am endlessly proud. For all of this, I’ll stop worrying about pant sizes and numbers on the scale. For this body, I’ll nurture myself today and try to remover this on all days moving forward.

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