Dear bug,

Today you turned eight whole years old. My darling daughter, I cannot believe you are eight. For the last three birthdays I’ve become tearfully nostalgic; overcome with emotion for every memory of every past birthday and every seemingly fleeting present moment. The joy you fill every day with is peppered with wishing I could keep you small, hug you longer, lay in your bed and tell stories past your bedtime one more night with my baby. It’s been eight whole years of being your mother- filled with pride and pure delight watching you grow and share all of who you are with the world. And this weekend we celebrated eight whole years of loving you as big and as loud and as fiercely as possible.

I read my letters from the past 7 birthdays I’ve written to you again this morning before the sun woke up. I marveled at the similar stories each year each describing your fiercely confident, loving, kind, smart, sincere and hilarious personality. This year has been one literally for the record books and has kept you mostly home, socially distanced, thankfully safe while your school was virtual or masked and the world at large told us all to slow down and stay home. Because you are such an incredible kiddo, you have made the most of every moment. Playing Legos from sun up to sun down, scooting as fast as possible around the house, jumping in your jump castle, reading Dog Man books, biking with freedom and confidence and loving on us as often as you could. My day is peppered with Landon hugs and kisses mid-work calls and nothing has been sweeter than having you by my side.

Other than your loving family, the current loves of your life are Legos, surfing, Lenny, art, doing the running man dance, JoJo Siwa, swimming, rock climbing and your adorable friends. Your Lego building has grown to new heights… three or four stories to be exact. Instead of just building the sets, you now disassemble and build your own apartments, townhouses, parks, pools, waterfalls, rock climbing parks, schools and resorts. Your passion for what you love has been palpable since you were two. When you love something… you’re dedicate all of yourself to your passion 10000%. Currently I’m watching you play with Legos while wearing a Lego Movie shirt and watching Lego Girls… just to paint you a picture. It’s an amazing world to live in with you and what an amazing experience to relive what I loved as a child.

The best eight years of my life have happened since having you. You are always my light to be the best person I can be. You’ve taught me to be brave, to make the space and time for what matters, remember to take the time to say the things we’re grateful for, to always hold hands no matter how sweaty we are, to wear as much color as possible every day, to sing Hamilton as loudly as we possibly can with the windows down, to always read bedtime stories in funny voices, and that there is always time for a dance party and to do the running man. The world is so much brighter and more wonderful since that sunny day, eight whole years ago in New York City.

Thank you for teaching me what love is my girl.



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